My Weavings - Mes Tissages - Meine Gewebtestücke

Here is a weaving sample on my new Mighty Wolf Loom.
Look for me SOON on

Voici une écharpe que j'ai tissé sur mon nouveau métier à tisser le Mighty Wolf.
Retrouvez moi BIENTOT sur

Hier ist eines meiner gewebten Stücke, das ich auf meinem neuen Mighty Wolf Webstuhl gewebt habe.
Finden Sie mich BALD auf


Mountain Mama a dit…
Well, well, well. Look at you all blogging and stuff! It's Christine from the Tuesday Night Tea.
Tara a dit…
How funny--just looked at your other commenter. I went to college with her and Lynn pointed me in the direction on her blog, yesterday!!! Love it--so glad you started! I need you to e-mail me your address and we'll probably get started on the quilting bee in with September as our first month. At this point you just want to be thinking about want you want to send everyone!
que dire de plus que magnifique !
Mélimôme a dit…
Hello all,
I haven't figured a few things out.
So one of them is if I am responding to all these three comments at the same time or if I can do it individually?
The other one would be "how do I get rid of the dorky text on my picture" and place my text next to or under it.
Anyone has a suggestion that would be cool ;-)
Nice to catch you here Christine! So you and Tara know each other, am I understanding?
I will mail you Tara ;-)
Ingrid, merci, et toi ton blog c'est la voisine du 1er ? Faut que je jette un oeil. Pourras-tu me le rendre quand je l'aurais jetté, hi, hi, hi. Comment va ma p'tite Melina ?

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